We provide simple, practical and effective Emergency Management Solutions directly to your workplace.

Status One equips organisations with the skills to confidently and effectively manage crisis and emergencies.

We understand that dealing with emergencies is not only challenging but pivotal to the protection of your people, assets and reputation.


Status One have an internationally experienced team of consultants from senior emergency service backgrounds providing genuine practitioner level experience and expertise.


We work with companies and organisations who have inherently higher risk or critical infrastructure responsibilities. We help to meet your work place emergency obligations, confirm capability, develop skills, and build organisational confidence and resilience.


Site specific emergency solutions that meet your organisation's needs.  Our team offers expertise in emergency response processes and procedures, emergency response plans, emergency exercise management and more..... 


Tailored emergency-based development programmes directly to your work place. We offer interesting, real-world training to equip learners with the knowledge, skills and confidence to meet their emergency responsibilities.


Transforming exercise obligations into valuable development opportunities for your company and staff.


Equipping managers and supervisors with the skills required to manage an emergency safely and effectively.

Ensuring that your organisation can endure adverse events is a vital part of protecting your reputation, brand and success. We understand that there is a delicate balance between focusing on your core business and safeguarding it.





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